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Order online or by phone. One-way domestic: overnight, 2-day, 3-day, or 5-day delivery.
Round trip: Same easy options for return including cost effective 5-day return.


Ship Your Luggage. It’s simple, fast and secure.

Order online or by phone for domestic or international, one-way or round trip. Choose from overnight, 2-day, 3-day, or cost effective 5-day domestic delivery and priority or standard international services with unlimited insurance coverage


Pack what you want.

No more overweight fees. Pack bags as you would for any standard trip without TSA restrictions. No box required to ship but travelers can choose to use one for their items. Sports equipment will require a protective case.


We will overnight your tag to you.

After you place your order we’ll overnight your luggage tags. Securely attach to the tags to your luggage. If you opt for our Fast, Easy, Now option - just print the shipping labels onsite and securely attach it to your luggage for pick up.

Ship Your Luggage

Pickup and ship.

We come on the day your specify to collect your luggage. You don’t need to be present for pick up. Enjoy the service of convenience.

Track & Deliver

Ready and waiting.

Your luggage will be monitored by trained shipping experts in real time throughout the journey. We will send you regular email updates, letting you know once your bags have been delivered.
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